Utopia    Video 15 May 2017

Incredible celebrity chef and YouTube sensation Ian Haste has collaborated with Zip to present the endlessly delicious possibilities for cooking with the HydroTap and other Zip appliances.

Ian has a HydroTap in both his own home and studio kitchens, and is said to swear by them as one of his favourite kitchen appliances. The Zip Hydrotap transforms ordinary water into a pure tasting chilled, boiling or sparkling form, allowing you to have every option quite literally ‘on tap’. The Australian innovation combines the company’s patented PowerPulse boiling, Direct DryChilling and ColdCore Carbonation technology with additional MicroPurity filtration. To add the finishing touch, the HydroTap is available in a range of six sleek designs and 12 contemporary colourations – ensuring there will be a style to suit your scheme.

Take a look at Ian Haste’s delicious demonstration to see the true versatility of Zip’s taps…

Zip | zipindustries.co.uk