Designer    Video 23 Jun 2017

Rotterdam’s architecture was given another shining star with the addition of the Cube House or Kubuswoningen project in the late 1900s. Born from architect Piet Blom’s unique vision, it is located Oude Haven and attracts tourists from far and wide to witness its truly original structure.

Each cube is crafted from a timber frame skeleton, which is insulated with rock and then transformed into a liveable home. Alongside singular residences, two of the larger or ‘super cubes’ provide social housing and a youth hostel. The cubes allude to defy gravity and are titled at an incredible angle and is perched on a pillar to appear akin to a treehouse – creating, quite literally, a concrete jungle.

The interiors, though incredible, epitomise the notion of a difficult shaped kitchens. Take a look at Kirsten Dirksen’s personal tour to learn more…

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