Designer    Video 30 Aug 2017

The Cover kitchen collection from Aran Cucine is a revolutionary, patented design. The doors are crafted from simple materials such as woods and metals, while – as the name suggests – they can be covered with a series of strong magnetic foils, which can be placed, removed and renewed whenever the homeowner desires. Practically, the covers or foils of this unique kitchen design are resistant to water and stains and can be wiped and washed clean as required.

A kitchen to suit every season, ambience and trend is tricky to design or discover, but with a completely customizable design like this, homeowners can literally chop and change as they wish. This transformative approach to kitchen design is something which trend experts have been discussing for years – usually the approach centres around changing the room’s accessories, lighting or colour palette – and recent developments in materials, technology and designs, such as this Aran Cucine model have now made interchangeability possible on a mass scale.

Take a look at the company’s video demonstration to be inspired…

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