Utopia    Video 28 Jun 2017

Renowned supermodel Coco Rocha is first mum then model, meaning that Coco and husband her James both agreed their new kitchen needed to be primarily practical and safe for two-year-old daughter Ioni, while still reflecting the couple’s unique style.

James worked as designer and manufacturer for the complete project and renovations, and worked closely with a skilled crew of builders, fitters and industry experts to ensure the kitchen would meet their every need both practically and aesthetically.

The kitchen lies in the centre of the living-dining area and creates a beautiful focal point while being easily accessible for the family. Coco needed a space that would be durable and a surface that wouldn’t be tarnished by the everyday mess that comes with a two-year-old child. Selecting Silestone worktops was the perfect solution, thanks to their high stain resistance, low liquid absorption rate and impact and scratch resistance; so, no matter whether it is cupcakes, cookies or playdough, the couple can rely on their Silestone worktops to stay perfectly pristine.

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