Designer    Video 19 Jun 2017

Last year, Miele’s Executive Director of Marketing and Sales – Dr. Axel Kniehl discussed the future of kitchen design and technology – how kitchen technology will be developed over the next few years, its behind the scenes integration and the interconnectivity between appliances and connectivity with the internet. Equally, Kniehl comments on the design deliberations that will be massively affecting the future of kitchen storage and design, and how the kitchen connects together, creating one cohesive whole oppose to separate clunky elements.

Dr. Kniel also integrally comments on food waste – an important topic in the current market, especially considering the lean toward green, healthy and eco-friendly cooking experience. All these elements have been inspired by last year’s launch of the Invisible Kitchen concept that awed and inspired man professionals in the industry.

“A brand such a Miele must also both fascinate and inspire…” surmised Kniehl.

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