Designer    Video 02 Aug 2017

Commissioned by top chef Albert Adrià, Neolith®, in collaboration with RCR Architects, began work on creating a monumental interior design for Adrià’s latest restaurant – Enigma – in Barcelona, Spain.

The project represents a unique way of look at interiors, décor and specifically stonework. Neolith employed its own innovative printing decoration technology: Neolith® Digital Design (NDD), to bring an intricate hand-drawn watercolour concept to life in stone. RCR Architects created a beautiful A1-size painting, which was used as the motif for the stone walls and surroundings; right from this initial artistic creation to the final individual mapping of the flooring slabs – to ensure careful consistency throughout the design – both companies concentrated on a precise level of detail. The singular Sintered stone material was used in every possible application, cladding kitchen worktops, walls, bards, tables tops and even the bathrooms.

Thanks to the careful intricacy and detailing, the result is a mystical, almost otherworldly, interior which makes guests feel as if they are within a cloud – transported to an escapist zone.

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