Designer    Video 08 Sep 2017

Novy knows that the kitchen is no longer simply a place of pure functionality, but also acts as the heart of the home and an entertainment base for family and friends. To reflect this, the company has launched an innovative new product that combines an extraction hood and induction hob in one place – to save space, be uber-functional and look great too.

Functionally, the Panorama model features an integrated auto-function to ensure any cooking fumes don’t escape the hob area, while the adjustable height of the extractor, when in use, allows the user to have it set at a 10cm, 20cm, of 30cm height, and then to neatly tuck away back seamlessly into edge of the induction hob after use. Additionally, the Panorama is also available with in-built recirculation technology to improve the flow of air in the room – a perfect addition to an open-plan space that is often used for entertaining – while the efficient extraction technology works in near-silence to avoid any noise pollution.

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