Designer    Video 21 Jul 2017

The world of design overlaps and interweaves in an amazing manner, which means that no form is singularly individual; from home to fashion to kitchens and bathrooms, inspiration can be found around every corner. In light of this, we’re joining Molteni & C, in the home of fashion designer Camile Bidault-Waddington as she discusses the link between home and catwalk.

The successful first instalment of Molteni Group’s #HouseOfMolteni, which focused on the life, design and inspirations of designer Massimo Giorgetti, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of MSGM. Now the team moves from modern Milan to the city of style, romance and culture: Paris, and the home of Camile Bidault-Waddington.

Waddington is a fashion designer and consultant and owns an apartment that purely epitomises eclecticism. Camille has collaborated with huge names in the industry excellent fashion names such as DVF, Schiaparelli, Max Mara, Fendi and artists such as Angelo Pennetta and Max Farago. Waddington strongly believes in the connection between interior design and fashion, as every design is made to “look good,” no matter the form and application, “it needs to have a function and its needs to have a bit of imagination.”

Take a watch to learn more about Waddington’s fresh approach…

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