Utopia    Video 28 Jul 2017

Tiny homes are becoming a growing trend across the UK and USA, with the blossoming influence of clean, clutter-free, hygee-inspired lifestyles. But a miniature modern home is not the first thing that springs to mind when considering a family-friendly home – this family of three prove us wrong.

Micah and Jana Whitehead had been dreaming about owning a tiny home for years, and even after finding out they were expecting their first child, they knew they had to persist in the creation of their dinky dream house. “Once we found out Silas was on the way, plans changed some, but we decided we could make it work,” Micah says. “And giving Silas a childhood full of big adventures was something we wanted despite the challenges of raising a family in a small space.”

The couple relied upon the services of Houzz to find inspiration, products and materials for their new home, and were able to save all their ideas in one space, and share these with the builders. A clean, primarily white palette is warmed through the addition off wooden countertops in the kitchen, polished wooden flooring and stairs. Every minute element of the design has been carefully considered, with each area providing a duality of functions, including narrow stairs with under-stair storage space, a fold-away dining area and a living and seating zone that can transform into a sleeping area.

Sweet, small and stylish, this little home is everything the family hoped for…

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