Designer    Video 26 Jun 2017

Since its birth in 2014, the KB industry has been intrigued with the notion of Moley Robotic’s first robot kitchen. Currently in its technology development and market preparation stage, it is expected that next year will see the start of pre-sales prior to the product’s official launch.

The prototype kitchen has been created through 12 months of intense developments in collaboration with Shadow Robotics, Yachtline, DYSEGNO, Sebastian Conran and Stanford University Professor Mark Cutkosky. The kitchen works by using a pair of articulated robotic hands that aim to reproduce the natural functionality of human hands.

In never before seen footage, Moley Robotics invite us to see the minds behind the technology magic, specifically Chef Giuseppe Patriarca of Isernia, Italy, who is creating one of the latest recipes to be added to the robotic kitchen’s programmes. The team look to receive a veritable treat of skills and recipes from different chefs from around the world, meaning the eventual product will practically provide homeowners with a live-in professional chef.

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