Designer    Video 31 Jul 2017

The Stone Age Folk exhibition, which appeared at this year’s Milan Design Week quickly gained a reputation amongst the kitchen and bathroom industry for its truly unique perspective, incredible use of materials and fun, colourful atmosphere that transported visitors into a ‘wonderland’ type arena.


The exhibition was said to ‘invite the viewer into Hayon’s whimsical universe’. It cleverly represented its original inspirations, taken from fauna (the natural world) and folklore from around the world. In addition to the colourful exploration of flowers and folk tales, the exhibition also connected visitors to Hayon’s classic design signature: smiling character, clown faces and fun circus-interpretations.


Crafted from Caesarstone quartz, metal frames and stained glass, the exhibition equally explored the traditional techniques of stone marquetry and glass artistry, and helped elevate the industry’s perceptions of Caesarstone from simply a worksurface material to something of a work of art. craft, thus elevating the Caesarstone material to the luxury of a precious stone.


Watch the video to learn more about the creative mind behind this stunning design…

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