Utopia    Video 12 May 2017

Miele’s Taste for Design courses will provide with first-hand experience and instruction on their latest appliances prior to you selecting them for your kitchen.

Though we appreciate that the big wide web allows us to see a massive breadth of choice and information when it comes to selecting the perfect appliances to partner a dream kitchen design, but this can equally be fairly overwhelming. Miele’s two Experience Centre’s located in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and the other in central London, are there to assist homeowners in picking the perfect selection of appliances, alongside giving expert cooking advice.

The Taste for Design courses will give you an informative outlook on the technology, usage and functions of each appliance; while Miele’s in-house experts will also serve you a delicious array of delicacies created using the appliances and share top chef secrets on making a successful meal to impress your guests.

Courses are available to book through the company website.

Miele | shop.miele.co.uk/cookingcourses/tastefordesign/