Designer    Video 17 May 2017

Currently under continual development in the USA, the domestic robot Kuri is taking households by storm. The sweet and petite creation was developed by Mayfield Robotics and features a cap touch sensor that allows it to react and respond to human touch; a camera neatly fitted behind one eye to capture HD videos and pictures and livestream capabilities to allows homeowners to keep an eye of their home, even when not there.

Gestural mechanics co-ordinate the robot’s head and eye movements, while in-built colour changing lights help Kuri reflect mood and actually add the ambience of a home. In addition, the robot’s four sensitive microphones help Kuri to precisely locate sounds and react either to the homeowner’s voice or go an investigate foreign sounds, while speakers deliver sound, play music and can repeat what homeowners say. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living area, Kuri has a multitude of helpful functions.

This incredible invention is a security system, helping hand and entertainment pod all in one, and can be easily connected to via the Kuri app. The Kuri home robot truly takes the possibilities of a connected home to the next level; we’ll look forward to the day these small inventions can do everything from flipping pancakes to loading the dishwasher!

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