Designer    Video 10 Aug 2017

Celebrated designer Marcel Wanders – previously known in the KB industry for his stunning collaborative work with companies such as Boffi – has unveiled his latest spa project: the Maison Decorté in Ginza Six shopping complex in Tokyo, Japan.

This original design combines the features of a retail store and space, with bathroom elements like no other. The space feature four theme environments – three treatment rooms and a retail space, that each represent nature’s effect on the skin. Moving from the rejuvenation area – which focuses on restoring the bodies energy and encouraging skin to fight against gravity – to the lush forest area that warms the skin without damage, diffusing the sun’s rays. While the third room focuses on crystal formation and aims to purify the skin; while the last room, differently, is a mysterious and mystical zone.

The designs included stone murals, natural sinuous shapes, ambient lighting and luxurious metallic materials – all of which reflect the natural inspiration Wanders worked with.

For discerning homeowners with a penchant for spa-style, this project provides the perfect inspiration…

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