Utopia    Video 04 Aug 2017

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer has invited Architectural Digest into her home, to discuss the Pride and Prejudice-style surroundings, acres of lush grassy lands, and elegantly designed interiors of the breathtaking English mansion she calls home.

Claudia enjoys her relaxing weekends when there’s time to let your hair down, play games in the generously sized garden and taking long walks with the dogs. Stepping inside the home, alongside the stunning kitchen and bathroom areas, there is a multitude of living spaces that will make you never want to leave the house. The study, Claudia’s favourite space, takes on a warm, orange scheme, with traditional tartan elements, complementary cream tones on the furniture, lower walls, rugs and impressive fireplace.

The kitchen works around a central island, with an in-built range cooker, solid stone surfaces and elegant traditional elements that pay homage to the home’s rich history.

Hear Claudia’s take on home interiors to learn more about the luxury living quarters of this impressive home…

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