Utopia    Video 24 May 2017

Daphne Oz, Co-Host of ABC’s The Chew, author and natural food chef, talks to Sub-Zero and Wolf about the little luxuries we can add to natural, healthy foods to ensure every dinner is truly delicious.

The video is part of Sub-Zero and Wolf’s ‘fresh Food Matters’ campaign that delivers enlightening and inspirational videos and stories about the way fresh food can be prepared, cooked and feasibly made every day. The company’s fridge, freezer and cooking collections focus on keeping food fresher for longer and providing healthy cooking methods such as Wolf’s convection steam ovens that can create fresh, healthy food quickly and easily.

Take a look at Daphne’s inspiring video to learn about the little dashes of indulgence that will transform your daily dinners…

Sub-Zero and Wolf | freshfoodmatters.subzero-wolf.com