Designer    Video 08 May 2017

Harvey Jones invites us to the company’s Cambridgeshire workshop to witness the process of crafting its vast collection of handmade kitchens. The company prides itself on the notion that no two Harvey Jones kitchens are alike; each and every design is made to order and tailored to the exact specifications of the homeowner – allowing immense versatility.

Beyond their handmade quality, all of Harvey Jones’ cabinetry uses traditional framed construction methods. The door are set into hardwood frames and secured them with butt hinges, to create a wood-to-wood bond – ensuring they will never drop, and providing definite durability.

Finally the kitchens are hand-painted, which ensures excellent quality and attention to details, alongside providing the homeowner with the ability to refresh the room with a colour change in future without the need to replace the kitchen.

Take a look at Harvey Jones’ kitchen experts to learn more about the company’s construction methods…

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