Utopia    Video 22 Jul 2017

The Cock in Cider is an amazing ex-military van which has been converted into a fully functioning kitchen, set with stunning wood-burning oven. We’re joining chef Gennaro Contaldo – known not only by his own impressive cuisine, but also a being Jamie Oliver’s ‘first boss’ – as he creates a simple yet beautiful dish of tomato and ricotta bruschetta, as part of Jamie Oliver’s renowned ‘FoodTube’ inspiration videos.

Gennaro states that the secret to the dish is its simplicity; great, quality ingredients, starting with an authentic rustic bread, then joined by sweet cherry tomatoes, garlic, some fresh oregano and a little salt and olive oil, and of course the Mozzarella and Ricotta. Gennaro uses the van-kitchen’s striking integrated hob and wood-burning oven, but for those mere mortals of us, the recipe is completely adaptable to make in a home kitchen.

Jamie Oliver | jamieoliver.com/italian