Utopia    Video 28 Apr 2017

Being a world renowned athlete, cyclist Peter Sagan is a certifiable voice of wisdom when it comes to healthy food and clean eating. Using Bora’s innovative cooking technology, specifically the company’s PL540E cooktop extractor and PT11 Tepan stainless steel grill with dual cooking zones, both from their Profesional range, Sagan shows off his culinary skillset.

Bora Professional’s flexible installation allows each room to be catered for individually. When using the exhaust system, the cooking vapour is transported to the closest feasible external wall, ceiling or cellar, with the multiple fan modules. While the recirculation system means an activated charcoal filter is integrated into the kitchen. The hob and cooktop options allow for one, two or three appliances to be grouped together without any loss of efficiency. The cooktops can also be installed either flush-fit or surface-mounted.

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