Designer    Video 11 Aug 2017

Corian and Zodiaq Aesthetic Consultant, Mark Woodman has had years of experience in the interiors industry, and when it comes to trends he certainly has his finger on the pulse.

In a comment most designers can relate to, Woodman states that “trends are a funny thing, as we like to think we set the trends, but we also know there are trends we need to be paying attention to.” This open-minded approach is integral in the work that DuPont does. Woodman notes that there is a current phase for refined industrial which is shifting away from the gritty rock and roll look toward a more sleek and well-manufactured approach. Additionally, maximalism – as in many sectors – is receiving a nod in the surfaces industry, with homeowners and designer turning away from the stark original style of minimalism and toward schemes which make you want to reach out and touch them. Surfaces are focusing on incredible textures, beautiful colours and patterns that are different from anything the company has produced before.

Take a look at Woodman’s enlightening interview to learn more…

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