Designer    Video 06 Sep 2017

The design team at Vipp have created a unique kitchen template which, through its durability and contemporary style, aims to outlive the flippantly changing trends and be a homeowner’s ‘last kitchen’. Inspired by the look and feel of professional kitchens, the Vipp design aims to be a tool rather than simply a decoration.

It is defined by simplicity, focusing on one staple design, in one pure colour. The company’s website states “You can have the Vipp kitchen in any colour you want. As long as it’s black.” Crafted from powder coated stainless steel, the kitchen presents a strong, sturdy and stylish aesthetic. The client can choose from three available modules, and then build a kitchen using Vipp’s design ‘building blocks’ of cabinetry, units and cooking hobs. The tall module can be crafted from 1 to 10 units and presents a mass amount of storage space, while the island module – a versatile option for open plan kitchens – can feature 3 to 10 units on each side and is also available in a bar-seating version. Giving the finishing touch to a contemporary kitchen, the wall module can increase storage space opportunities, while creating a dramatic aesthetic feature, also.

Take a look at Morton Bo Jensen’s topical video to learn more about this iconic design…

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