Utopia    Video 06 Sep 2017

Miele’s Moisture Plus technology aims to give you Bake-Off-beautiful culinary creations every time you use it. As the name suggests, moisture plays a key part in the cooking process, to give you more tender meat dishes, crisp bread crusts and deliciously flaky pastries. Bursts of steam are released throughout the cooking process, the timing and use of which can be programmed for greater convenience or used with automatic programmes.

Miele’s executive chef and owner of Hardley Hill Farm, Sven-Hanson Britt, showcases the true talent of the Miele Moisture technology in this video. His brioche recipe replaces traditional flour with Sharpham Park spelt flour. This ancient grain has a distinctive nutty flavour and offers a higher protein content than wheat. High in yeast, eggs and butter to give it a rich and buttery taste, this recipe is an indulgent spin on the classic culinary delight.

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