Designer    Video 04 Aug 2017

The future of the kitchen design and the KB market, in general, is a hotly discussed topic, and, in an age where technology is blossoming daily there is an incredible amount of uncertainty around the question ‘what’s next?’.

To explore this topic, and in celebration of the company’s upcoming anniversary, Caesarstone US partnered with students from Pratt Institute to create a fully working kitchen concept that presents a possible future of the hub of the home, and their predictions of what it might look like in 2050 – over thirty years from now.

Industrial Design from Pratt Institute worked together with Caesarstone materials to blend all their knowledge of theory with creative application and an experimental mind-set to craft a self-sustaining space. The kitchen operates through aquaponics, hydroponics, 3D printing, water filtration, indoor farming, composting and about every other eco-sustainable high-tech methodology imaginable!

Take a look at Caesarstone’s enlightening video to learn more…

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