Utopia    Video 16 Jun 2017

World renowned chocolate makers Lindt hit the sweet spot in their new studio headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa. The new property will host incredible chocolate making classes, taught by the experts behind the brand, and features an amazing array of delicacies in its chocolate shop.

Perfectly partnering the design, Snow White Caesarstone worktops have been installed throughout. The solid surface material boasts a myriad of practical qualities, while creating a stunning aesthetic – creamy white surfaces top deep brown wood islands, reflecting the colours of white and dark chocolate. Ideal for cooking classes – Caesarstone is both scratch and stain resistant, meaning the chocolatiers needn’t be precious about their surfaces when teaching chocolate classes; it also durable, long-lasting, easy to install and due to its noon porous nature chocolate can be tempered on the surface of the worktops and easily cleared away without leaving a murky stain.

Take for a look at the decadent and delicious results…

Caesarstone | caesarstone.co.uk