Utopia    Video 30 Jun 2017

Brian Forster of Brian Foster Designs is renowned for creating luxurious homes for everyone from Hollywood insiders to business superstars. Brian’s latest lavish property, in Palm Springs, California, absolutely aces the inside-outside trend. Glass walls that border the kitchen area cleverly allude to an entire open space, tricking the eye into believing the dining zone leads straight onto the outside patio. A gorgeous moat-type water feature separates the main kitchen area and the dining table; not only does this bring another element of nature into the home, but cleverly obstructs the dust from entering – an ingenious solution for a desert home.

A 15ft long island with a myriad of integrated appliances, a duo of inset sinks and durable worktop craft the main body of the kitchen, and all of this is bought to life by the use of mirrored tiles which beautifully reflect the colours of the outside landscape.

This kitchen is sleek, modern and utterly epitomises the indoor-outdoor trend – we love it!

Brian Foster Designs | brianfosterdesigns.com