kb-network    Statistics 01 Aug 2017

Two thirds of the British public unhappy with their bathrooms, almost half want to renovate.

A survey carried out in June 2017 by MyBuilder, the online marketplace for finding tradesmen, has revealed that two thirds of the British public (67%) are unhappy with their bathrooms, along with a list of bathroom pet hates.

The survey, which 423 British homeowners responded to, revealed that almost half of all people surveyed (45%) said that the bathroom was the room in their home they most wanted to renovate, while 41% admitted to being embarrassed by their bathroom when friends came to visit. However, it’s not just their own bathrooms that they are embarrassed by, more than a third of people (38%) admitted to holding it in while visiting a friend’s house because the bathroom was too disgusting to use.

The biggest pet hates people had about bathrooms was low water pressure in the shower and wonky toilet seats, with 56% of people listing them as major gripes. Toilets that don’t flush properly (47%), carpet in the bathroom (44%), and no lock on the bathroom door (35%) were also listed as big pet hates.

With almost half of the British public wanting to renovate their bathrooms, that means there are plenty of willing clients looking for their next exciting wet-room, bath or sink.

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