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Survey reveals the power of tiles – property experts declare they increase bathroom value

Tiles are coming to the fore recently, with homeowners and designers alike focusing on the importance of surfaces as a key design feature as well as a practical necessity, and according to a recent survey by they also dramatically affect the value of the bathroom.

Along with the hub of the home: the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the key areas that ‘makes or breaks’ a prospective buyer’s decision. In light of this, recently conducted a survey to assess the key areas which make a bathroom both beautiful and profitable. The team consulted 32 different estate agents, property professionals and designers from around the UK to find out how homeowners can maximise the value of their property when renovating their bathroom or adding a new one.

Key findings:

High quality, stylish wall and floor tiles with good grouting (76%) were cited as the feature to add the most value to a bathroom. This was closely followed by the addition of an electric or power shower (70%) and then, good sized fixtures, such as toilet, basin, bath etc. (66%). While, surprisingly, the lowest ranking feature to add value was underfloor heating at 34%.

Estate Agent, Emma Barns, commented: “Over the years, I have seen a fair share of properties where the homeowners have not taken any pride in the appearance and maintenance of their bathrooms. This has adversely impacted on the value of their property when trying to sell or rent. Leaking pipes, mould and outdated fittings have become reoccurring problems in a lot of the properties I see. Considering the bathroom is going to be used on a daily basis, prospective buyers want to see it is in good condition. If they identify problems which cannot be easily addressed or becomes costly to do so, it negatively affects their perception of the property, even if the rest of the house is what they are after. So, the best course of action is to identify all the improvements that need to be made and make them without sacrificing on quality. This will yield the best possible outcome for the re-sale”.

Property Investor and Analyst, Dan Gates, added: “A second bathroom or improvements to an existing bathroom doesn’t have to be a complex process. I believe appearance is the underrated key to it all. Whilst the popular consensus may be to splatter white paint and fixtures across the bathroom, it may come across as too boring. When giving the bathroom a lick of paint, choose soft colours as going for dark colours may make the bathroom feel confined and smaller. Additionally, integrating features such as a heated towel rail and power shower could add vast appeal in the eyes of prospective buyers”.

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