kb-network    Statistics 23 Jun 2017

Survey by Appliances Direct reveals shocking facts about Millennials and their kitchen habits…

Appliances Direct has revealed some rather surprising findings on the British Public’s domestic knowledge, discovered within its survey ‘Power On: The Evolution of Appliances report’.

Stating that “Britain has become a nation reliant on appliances, unable to carry out basic tasks without the help of a gadget”, the company’s research found that almost half of brits (46%) would not be able to re-heat food without a small appliance to do it for them.

When it comes to food, 40% said they would struggle to make toast without a small appliance, i.e. a toaster, despite this only requiring a grill. Additionally, a quarter of Brits (25%) wouldn’t be able to make a cup of tea or coffee without a kettle!

Almost 1 in 4 of those surveyed confessed to not knowing how to wash their clothes without having a washing machine on hand to do most of the work and, shockingly, 1 in 5 wouldn’t know how to dry their clothes without a tumble dryer.

However, when addressing who is lacking ‘traditional domesticity’ the most, it would seem millennials are the top of the list. Around 40% of millennials surveyed wouldn’t know how to make tea or coffee without a kettle, and more than half (63%) wouldn’t know how to wash or dry clothes without an appliance to do so.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at appliancesdirect.co.uk, commented on the survey’s findings, stating “Brits should ensure they know how to do basic things such a boil water and wash their clothes, in case their appliances break or there is a power cut.”

Appliances Direct | appliancesdirect.co.uk