kb-network    Statistics 31 Jan 2018

Showers show their strength in recent consumer survey, with want for traditional baths dwindling

The debate that’s been raging for years, which one is best: bath or shower? Has come to its fore in a recent consumer survey, by comparison, site Canstar Blue, that proves New Zealand, at least, has made up its mind. The latest survey of over 2,000 people from NZ comparison site reveals that 85% of New Zealanders prefer taking a shower to a bath.

Canstar Spokesperson Emma Quantrill explained, “Across the board, every age group we spoke to preferred showers to baths so it’s certainly not a generational thing. Maybe it’s the speed and convenience of a shower, or for some it could be the idea of using less water, which make them so popular.”

The Canstar Blue survey also showed that overwhelmingly, sprays were the most preferred type of bathroom cleaner but 63% of people worried about the number of chemicals in their household cleaners. Accordingly, the market does have a number of options emerging with no, or limited, damaging chemicals for the more conscious consumer.

Quantrill continued, “Although for over half of us, cleaning the bathroom is our least favourite household chore, three-quarters of Kiwis do it at least once a week. So, we’re obviously confident that our showers aren’t too dirty and for now at least, we think showers are the business when it comes to keeping clean.”


Canstar Blue | Canstarblue.com.au