kb-network    Statistics 22 Jun 2017

Official research uncovers some shocking revelations about homeowners’ DIY habits

The summer solstice has finally passed, which means summer has officially begun! However, research would suggest British homeowners aren’t jetting off this summer, but why is that?…

In a survey conducted by Towergate, a leading household insurance intermediary, it would seem the British public are favouring a ‘staycation’ this summer, in order to crack on with their home improvements.

The survey stated “30% of those surveyed believe summer is the best time of the year to carry out DIY work due to the increase in brighter days.”

However, with such an increase of DIY jobs comes more room for error! Revealing that 1 in 3 DIY Kitchen Refitting projects result in error, it would seem homeowner’s are better off leaving their new kitchen installation to the professionals.

But just how much is the average Brit spending on home improvements every year?

Results show this varies, dependant on geographical area. Scotland, for example, sees the lowest average annual sum, coming in at £2,467 per household; however, other areas, such as London, rather unsurprisingly splurge an average of £4,965 every year, giving a national average of £3,479.

Commenting on the survey’s feedback, Towergate representative, Natalia Freeman remarked “It is surprising to see that across the UK people are giving up sunnier climes and favouring staycations to spruce up their home.

“Whether you’ve been inspired by Pinterest, a DIY show, or you’re simply trying to save money by doing it yourself, it’s worth seeking the advice of a professional for those slightly bigger or trickier jobs!”

Towergate | towergateinsurance.co.uk