kb-network    Statistics 22 Feb 2018

Luxury kitchen company Davonport comments on the BRC’s January footfall census

“January was a good month for footfall at Davonport and we see this as closely linked to our website performance,” said Richard Davonport, Founder and MD of Davonport, in response to the BRC’s January footfall census.

The census declared declines in footfall in January compared to the previous year, for high streets and shopping centres. However, retail parks are rapidly growing in popularity, according the BRC’s report. The kitchen sector seems confident with regards to this issue, as explained by Richard Davonport:

“Once a potential customer has seen our work online or in print they want to come and see it for real. Bearing this in mind, it follows that January 2018 as our best month on record for website activity was also a well performing month for footfall. It’s important to consider footfall in the wider context of marketing strategy and of course not to overlook the importance of easy access and parking, something out of town showrooms like ours benefit from.”

The BRC’s Springboard Footfall and Vacancies Monitor measured the footfall at various retail locations and found the following; retail parks saw a 0.9% growth rate in footfall, while shopping centres fell by 3.1% and high streets by 1.9%, compared to the previous year.

Springboard Marketing and Insights Director, Diane Wehrle, commented on positive prospects for retail parks: “Retail parks clearly now fulfil a wider role for shoppers; yes, they are convenient and functional shopping locations, but are buoyed by the continuing growth in online spending. Not only are they efficient click-and-collect points, but their attraction is enhanced by a wider offer, embracing hospitality.”

Davonport / davonport.com