kb-network    Statistics 06 Apr 2017

Kitchen Bathroom Buying Group reveals recent consumer kitchen study findings

Europe’s largest kitchen and bathroom buying group for independent kitchen specialists, DER KREIS (part of KBBG), have revealed the findings from their most recent consumer study.

Designed to discover more about the ideas and needs of consumers and how they connect to a kitchen living space, the survey was conducted by the Health Science students of Furtwangen University in Germany.

Surveying young people aged 19-29, the students asked a variety of questions including “What will tomorrow’s kitchen look like?”.

Following a presentation at the LivingKitchen exhibition in Cologne, the survey revealed 89% of those questioned regarded the kitchen as either important, or very important, and the most significant findings were that young people liked to use fresh fruit or vegetables, good quality food, and enjoy being together with their loved ones while cooking.

Additionally, the research also revealed the most desired kitchens to be the family kitchen and the high-tech kitchen. Female respondents (69%) further reported that having a kitchen suitable for children was important, and over half of the women surveyed were interested in smart appliances.

After gathering their research, the findings were analysed in cooperation with art and design students, who concluded there is no singular ‘kitchen of tomorrow’; rather, there are around four future kitchens schemes with a cook to suit each: Bio-cooks, focusing on family and organic eating; Casual Cooks, relying on ready-meals for their busy professional life; Pleasure Cooks, the high-tech kitchen lover; and the Clever Cooks, demanding structured and concise cooking.

Commenting on the survey’s findings, managing director of KBBG, Bill Miler remarked “The study unearthed some very interesting results. It wasn’t surprising to see that high-tech kitchens are increasingly popular, and it was good to note that family kitchens are still of high importance.”

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