kb-network    Statistics 03 Nov 2017

Häfele says Brits are ditching the dining table and opting for TV meals

Research conducted by Häfele has releveled that nearly a third of all UK adults are neglecting their kitchen dining tables when it comes to eating their evening meals.

The research found that 30% of the UK eats in front of the TV every evening, with residents in Newcastle (39%), Nottingham (39%) and Brighton (38%) the most likely to eat in front of the TV. At the other end of the scale, Sheffield is shown to be the city least inclined to follow the TV dinner pattern (24%).

Chloë Thacker, Marketing Director at Häfele, gives an insight into some potential reasoning behind this: “There are all sorts of contributory factors for this trend. One is that homes are getting smaller – so a dedicated dining area may be regarded as unworkable for some. But there are all sorts of clever design innovations such as pull-out tables or sliding worktops that can help to create dining areas in the tightest spaces. Also, busy lifestyles mean that meal-times represent one of the few chances to catch-up on favourite TV shows. But catching up needn’t mean balancing a plate on your knees. TVs are sleeker and flatter, and many people are finding room for a screen in the kitchen so that they can watch while they cook and eat. Certainly, the way space is used within the home is evolving all the time and norms from yesteryear are no longer relevant to modern living. Watching while you eat may not meet the etiquette standards of days gone by but individuals and families are adapting routines to better suit today’s lifestyles.”

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