kb-network    Statistics 30 Mar 2017

Design Commission states ‘Devolution is a key priority’ in latest Parliamentary inquiry report

The Design Commission has released their latest inquiry report, launched by the famous architect and designer Lord Richard Rogers, calling on authorities to ‘step-up’.

Presented in Parliament on Tuesday 28th March by Lord Richard Rogers of Riverside, the People and Places: Design of the Built Environment and Behaviour report deeply criticised authorities responsible for the current housing problems and suggested a series of infrastructure solutions.

In the Commission’s proposal, Lord Rogers focused on addressing the powers that be in an attempt to make them ‘step-up’ in the wake of the current housing shortages, and begin to improve social cohesion and living space planning.

The report further argued that “by prioritising human needs and behaviour in the design process, through moves such as setting minimum design standards, setting targets for provisional pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and regulating Heath Impact Assessments as part of the planning process, the built environment will be easier to navigate, work and live in.”

Additionally, the report also considered ways to approach the UK’s current housing shortage based on best-practise from abroad, developing the design principals for British homes, and working with existing bodies – especially housing associations – to improve both the quality and quantity of residential stock.

The Design Commission | policyconnect.org.uk