Designer    Statistics 18 May 2017

Construction giants Saint-Gobain’s latest report shows UK homeowners wanting wellness over profit

Society is seemingly shifting its ways. From the money-driven pound pinchers homeowners were forced to be a few years ago due to the economic climate’s dire status, to the new research carried out by Saint-Gobain that states financial gains are being forgotten in comparison to low noise levels, good natural light and abundant views of forestry and foliage.

The study, which focused on the responses of over 3,000 UK homeowners and renters found that, among other conclusions:


  1. 90% of homeowners and renters want a home that doesn’t compromise their health and wellbeing. Environmental factors such as high energy bills, the levels of cold in winter and noise from neighbours were among the top three things people want to change in their home.
  2. 2. 84% of people want a property to be environmentally friendly, but only 16% would be willing to pay more for it.

With telling statistics such as these, it seems the lean toward green is not purely focused on Pantone’s Colour Of The Year and the visual fascination with natural tones, but equally towards green living and adapting homes to create more eco-friendly environments.

Clare Murray, Head of Sustainability at Levitt Bernstein commented on her perception of the findings: “From the results of the survey there is a distinct opportunity to connect views of external green spaces with areas of safe and easily accessible play to suit all life stages. Linking homes and people with the visual comfort provided by views of nature, while allowing children the independence to experience it, should continue to be a priority for the homes we design and build in the future.”

Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland have been careful to practise what they preach; their UK Home, Health and Wellbeing Report supports the company’s pioneering new building concept: Multi Comfort buildings, which focuses on building and renovating homes in order to improve comfort, health and wellbeing while protecting the environment.

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