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Can categorising clients help deliver successful home improvement projects? New study investigates…

The Home Projects Council – a group of reputable home improvements experts, who work to help homeowners improve the value of their properties –  has conducted new research into the ‘home improvement archetypes’. Based upon a survey of 1,136 homeowners, the group defined a series of five key home improvement personalities. Age, gender and DIY skill level provided several clear distinctions between the groups, but where a homeowner falls on the scale between emotional desire and practical needs, the group found, also contributes toward project decisions. That same pendulum between emotion and practicality also shapes the approach each homeowner takes in preparing, executing and sharing a project. These traits heavily reflect in the complexity of a project, the resources used on a project, and the amount of time and money spent on a project, and evokes the question: can categorising clients help manage both homeowners and designers expectations and deliver more successful projects?

The five archetypes are as follows, starting with the most common:

The Sensible Improver (39%)

A nurturing homeowner that often puts others first, The Sensible Improver embraces home improvement projects that create a warm and welcome environment. Not necessarily a skilled ‘do-it-yourselfer’, The Sensible Improver enjoys smaller, manageable projects that add decorative flare and visual appeal to his or her home while passing on more complicated projects to a contractor. A seasoned homeowner, The Sensible Improver calls on past experience while keeping a fresh perspective to make smart, informed and personal decisions about home improvement projects.

The Project Planner (28%)

An orderly and practical homeowner that is careful to avoid problems, The Project Planner takes a meticulous and thoughtful approach to all home improvement projects. No matter how big or how small, The Project Planner thoroughly asses the pros and cons of every situation before committing to a home improvement. With a priority on functional improvements, not cosmetics, The Project Planner becomes familiar with the details of a project before ultimately enlisting the services of a contractor to make sure it’s done right.

The Reliable Renovator (15%)

Commonly an empty-nester that takes a laid-back approach to home improvement, The Reliable Renovator is most often moved to action when his or her aging home needs attention. Maintaining an even keel regardless of the circumstances, The Reliable Renovator assesses projects thoroughly before getting started and to change course swiftly if needed. Armed with an understated confidence, The Reliable Renovator has no interest in adulation for their efforts, only the knowledge that his or her home is in good shape and contributes to the financial value of the home, even if it requires paying for a contractor.

The Visionary (13%)

A homeowner with boundless passion and enthusiasm for upgrading his or her family’s home, The Visionary tends to have an appreciation and curiosity for art and for novel ideas. The Visionary fearlessly takes on projects despite having limited do-it-yourself experience. Driven by a desire to try new things and keep his or her home fashionably current to the point that neighbours might have curb-appeal envy, The Visionary often starts projects on the spur of the moment and with little guidance or help. The Visionary is proud to share his or her accomplishments with family and friends, and ultimately invests twice as much on home improvements as the average homeowner.

The Extrovert (5%)

A rare breed that artfully balances family life with a gregarious personality, The Extrovert takes pleasure in completing large, complex home improvements that make a big impact to his or her home both in function and appearance. A preference for doing projects without the help of a contractor, The Extrovert has a healthy addiction to home improvement that is constantly evolving. While The Extrovert thrives on conceiving, designing and executing unique and challenging projects, he or she takes pleasure in their home improvement project through the reaction and appreciation of others.

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