kb-network    Statistics 20 Jul 2017

Brits are cheesy snackers that look in the fridge or cupboard 23 times per day.

In a survey completed by leading household appliance retailer Appliances Direct they found that the British public look into their fridge and food cupboards 23 times per day.

The survey results also show that despite looking into the fridge or cupboard the British public only take something to eat or drink just 6 times, the expression ‘look but don’t touch’ comes to mind.

Women seem to be the biggest fridge/cupboard raiders with the research stating that women looked in the fridge or cupboard 25 times per day compared to men who looked just 21 times.

But are the great British public staring into their fridges and cupboards because they are hungry or just bored? The survey reports that 22% of respondents say they look because they are hungry while 35% say they do it because it’s habit and they don’t have any intention of actually eating anything.

The data also revealed the nations favourite fridge snack is cheese coming in at 35% and closely followed by cold meats at 33%. Seems we just can’t keep our hands off that cheddar and ham!

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at Appliances Direct says: “The data revealed some interesting findings about the nation’s snacking practices, especially the number of times people look in the fridge and cupboards just out of habit. Everyone has that one family member or friend who looks in the fridge or cupboard for a snack whenever they visit, and we’re all guilty of doing it at other people’s homes, but it’s not that often we actually take something out and eat it. That said, it’s interesting to see that when we do snack, it seems to be the savoury options that are the nations firm fridge raiding favourites.”

Appliances Direct | AppliancesDirect.co.uk