kb-network    Statistics 20 Oct 2017

Bellis Homes explain how multi-generational living is on the rise and why

With purchasers becoming ever more savvy when it comes to buying property, especially when they are looking for ‘the forever home’, Bellis Homes are seeing a rise in enquiries from buyers looking for multi-generational friendly features that can adapt to our ageing population.

NHBC data reveals that the number of multi-generational households in the UK rose by 38% between 2009 and 2014 and that nearly 7% of UK households contain two or more adult generations, whether that be young adults living with parents or grandparents sharing the same quarters. In the same report, only 16% said that their home would be suitable for multi-generational living although two thirds believed the solution to Britain’s ageing population would be to move towards multi-generational living.

Henry Fordham, Director, Bellis Homes says, “Over the last couple of years, we have seen a rise in demand for features that can make multi-generational living easier. More and more we are seeing grandparents and young adults opting to live with their parents / children for one reason or another and so we have started to embrace features within our new homes designs to facilitate this. At Mulliner House in Hadley Wood we know the lift has been a very popular feature. It’s sleek design blends seamlessly into the property adding a stylish yet very useful feature for the future, enabling those who call Mulliner House home easy access to every part of the house. Usually only seen in hotels, a lift within the home is the ultimate statement in luxury living. No end of our clients are interested in having this in their homes; it takes a property to another level, making it stand out amongst more traditional houses as well as providing uplifting dinner party conversation.”


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