Designer    Statistics 06 Nov 2017

AXA Insurance investigates the most and least popular interior design trends across the UK

Grand Room Sets feature at last month’s Grand Designs Live in Birmingham, AXA Insurance has released new research highlighting the most and least popular interior design trends across the UK.

While no two houses are the same, insurance firm AXA has found that certain cities have particular tastes when it comes to decorating their homes, many of which go against our preconceptions of trends in certain areas. For example, even though London is often thought of as a city that enjoys all things modern, those living there are the most inclined to appreciate Victorian/Heritage design (41 per cent), which is almost double the national average at 22 per cent.

Even though there has been a spate of modern and minimalist architecture being built in London over the past few decades, it seems as though inhabitants are bucking the trend.
In fact, it is cities further north that prefer the minimalist style, including Newcastle (39 per cent), Manchester (33 per cent) and Leeds (33 per cent).

Outside of London, Birmingham comes top of the list of cities that love ‘shabby chic’, with one in five enjoying the upcycled style even though it is typically more closely associated with country homes. Meanwhile, those
in Brighton and Hove are most fond
of the Hipster trend (13 per cent), showing that some towns do lean towards their assumed tastes.

Even when respondents were asked to choose their favourite design trends out of 40 options, the research saw that traditional designs still came out on top. Out of all these options, wooden beams was voted the favourite design trend across the whole of the UK (65 per cent), whilst fluffy rugs and blankets (58 per cent) and magnolia (51 per cent) featured in the top five. However, even though the nation is longing for more traditional design, modern staples are still very much relied upon, including feature walls (57 per cent) and televisions in the bedroom (52 per cent). Towns of a similar size often had similar tastes, for example those from larger cities such as Sheffield (50 per cent) and Manchester (48 per cent) said they liked marble or marble effect, whilst smaller cities including Cambridge (41 per cent) and Brighton and Hove (35 per cent) were against the trend.

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