Utopia     Smart Buys 24 Feb 2017

Matki’s new Hinge Panel that is set to transform your problematic wetroom…


For homeowners with limited space, wetrooms can often be a space-saving bathroom solution. But along with wetrooms comes the problem of, well… wetness.

Introducing the new wetroom Hinge Panel from Matki’s 2017 Main Collection.

Available to order with Matki Straight wetroom panels, Matki-ONE panels, and separately for installation with existing 8mm wetroom panels, this product is ideal for compact bathrooms wanting to achieve a minimalist and sleek aesthetic.

Fitted with the Matki Advanced Neoprene sealing system, this panel offers full water retention to safeguard the rest of your bathroom against spray and escaping water – say goodbye to those soggy towels!

Available at a standard 300mm width and bespoke sizes.


Prices from £510

Matki / matki.co.uk