Utopia     Smart Buys 24 Feb 2017

Designer and manufacturer, Vitra, launch limited edition collections at IMM, Cologne


Spring 2017 will see the launch of Vitra’s incredibly exclusive Panton Chair and All Plastic Chair.


As the first all-plastic chair to be manufactured in one piece, the Panton Chair is a work of art that is featured across the world, for example within New York Museum of Modern Art.

Produced in the beautifully bright ‘sunlight’ colour, this product represents a truly iconic design. Jointly developed fifty years ago by Verner Panton and Vitra, this unique design finally reached production in 1967, following a revised version in 1999 made from polypropylene.

In addition to the Panton Chair, Vitra have also unveiled a second collection. At a glance, the ‘All Plastic Chair’ seems to resemble a classic Scandinavian inspired wooden chair. However, through utilising a new material, Vitra have been able to form a chair that shows significant advancements in the product’s appearance and functionality.

Featuring a flattened frame, all the elements of the All Plastic Chair are cast in a single piece, while the thin seat surface is organically shaped for even greater comfort. The chair’s backrest is also connected to the frame by means of axial shafts with rubber buffers, enabling the construction to gently flex in response to the sitter’s movements.

The Panton Chair in Sunlight will be available from March 2017 and the All Plastic Chair is available to order now.


Vitra / vitra.com