kb-network    Showroom 17 Aug 2017

Siematic makes the move – company’s relocated Montreal showroom causes a buzz in the KB industry 

Siematic has opened the doors of its relocated Montreal showroom. The new location is ideally situated among other design houses and upscale showrooms.

Upon entering, visitors will be greeted by four kitchen vignettes, each showcasing a particular Siematic style collection. The Classic vignette presents a very traditional aesthetic but interestingly built with a handleless profile, which, along with glass shelving – gives this traditional kitchen a contemporary kick. While the display’s wooden flooring and molding further echo the traditional inspiration.

In the Pure vignette, sintered stone flooring partnered with the Pure kitchen, gives a natural, rustic look that neatly complements the kitchen’s seamless simplicity, which combines metallic, woods and a nuanced lacquer to craft a minimalist appeal. And for the Urban collection, Siematic have created double the drama, with a duo of displays, one featuring an exposed brick wall and a large black-framed window that creates a city-loft tone. In comparison, the other Urban display features the FloatingSpaces panel system, that embraces an open plan layout leading into a contemporary living area.

A professional design service finishes the full complement of Siematic’s Montreal showroom.

Jean-Martin Lapointe, Vice President of Development at Siematic Montreal, commented: “The new, reimagined Montreal showroom is designed to inspire designers and their clients, with authentic vignettes exuding the distinctive vibe of each design theme. Homeowners can truly visualize not only how the cabinetry will look in their kitchens, but how the collection will impact the feel of their entire home.”

Located at 5341 Ferrier Street, the Siematic Montreal showroom is open Monday–Thursday 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m., Friday 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., and Saturday by appointment.