Designer    Showroom 14 Apr 2017

Schock, the German granite sink manufacturer has opened the doors to its rather unique showroom

Granite sink manufacturer Schock has created a distinctive new showroom on its company premises in the Lower Bavarian town of Regen in the space of just four months. Consisting of 12 used shipping containers from Hamburg harbour individually spliced together, the building they created combines the industrial feel of a product showcase with the concept of a cookery school.

Spread over two floors, the facility provides space for the whole range of sinks and mixer taps to be displayed along with matching accessories. There is also a meeting area and a fully fitted kitchen complete with long table.

Inspired by the industrial design trend, the new space is a place where premium meets rough and modern meets elegant. The outside walls are decorated with graffiti from the Berlin street art scene.

The shipping container concept, developed by Schock in-house, was realised by Stuttgart designer Michael Schad, who gave the ideas their present form. “The challenge was to create an architecture that retained the temporary and rough-looking nature of the shipping containers both inside and out while still meeting the different requirements of the space as a showroom, internal meeting room and venue for cookery events.

“This runs all the way through to the design of the furniture, which was specially developed for the container showroom out of bits of scaffolding,” he added. “It was a big challenge for all involved and called for a great deal of creativity right down to the smallest detail.”

Schock entrusted the implementation of the project to specialist craft enterprises from the local area – a conscious decision to help affirm the company’s claim to foster both innovation and tradition. The new showroom is a real architectural statement at the brand’s HQ site, but the space is much more than that: “We didn’t develop this showroom just to display our sinks and mixer taps in the right light,” said Sven-Michael Funck, CSO at Schock. “Our intention is to make our company, its philosophy and the resulting products come alive.”

Schock Hofbauerstrasse 1, 94209 Regen, Germany

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