kb-network    Showroom 30 Jan 2018

Schiffini opens new flagship store in a commercially-strategic central London location

Some of Schiffini’s top kitchens are on show in the display area of its sparkling new London showroom, which spans two floors.

Taking centre stage is the new Lepic, which was designed by Jasper Morrison. It appears alongside Mesa by Alfredo Häberli and the iconic Cinqueterre kitchen by Vico Magistretti, the quintessential Schiffini designer. These are just a few of the kitchens that are on display in the new London location.

Speaking of the new showroom, Enrico Schiffini said, “The opening of a new Flagship Store right in the middle of London falls within the scope of a broader marketing plan. The company intends to take direct charge of markets that are particularly significant on the strategic front because they can influence brand awareness and development on a global scale. London is unquestionably one of these markets not only due to the important role that it has taken on in recent years as a contemporary design capital but also because of the number of outstanding international architecture and interior design firms that are based in the city.”

The Schiffini showroom is located at 21 Duke Street, London.

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