Designer    Showroom 19 May 2017

Roundhouse showcases its extensive collection of kitchen furniture in the newly renovated London showroom

Roundhouse has renovated its 140 sq m flagship showroom on London’s Wigmore Street. Coinciding with the release of new products and finishes, the recent showroom refurbishment allows the company to showcase its selection of metal wrap finished doors, alongside a new handleless cabinetry range, Urban Metro.

Doors within the metal
wrap collection include Copper and Brass, both
of which are available in
a Matt Sanded finish – a natural effect which involves the metal being sanded, polished and then waxed. The Steel wrap is given a blackened finish, meaning the metal will be sanded and polished in a hand applied process; this gives a slight variation in tone and texture to each piece, to ensure each panel appears unique.

Though the showroom is now entirely refurbished,
this former music publishing office still pays homage to its history, with original features such as restored stained glass windows, decorative plasterwork at the tops
of the walls, and vintage lighting. The lighting is a particularly attractive feature of the space, and includes a chandelier, while trios of pendant lamps – salvaged from a Russian supertanker – hang above each island, cleverly dissecting the space into different zones.

To retain focus on Roundhouse’s seven signature kitchen ranges housed within the showroom, the space is kept simple and clean, with minimalist features that ensure practicality without dominating space or visual attention. This includes discreet electronically controlled doors, which allow the team to access a wider variety of samples and finishes, without having to have them all on display.

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