Designer    Showroom 03 Mar 2017

Representing the best in Italian Design: Antrax IT, Resana, Italy

Italian radiator brand Antrax IT has created a new showroom as its HQ in Resana, Vento, with our 300 sq m of space to show the company’s products and history.

Featuring products both from within Antrax IT’s own internal design team and also those that have been created through collaborations with other designer and architects, many of the radiators on display have won design awards for their aesthetic and technical innovation.

The showroom was made to communicate visually, laying out a path that stimulates the senses so that visitors get to experience the products hands-on. The walls of the different rooms are hung with pictures of the design drawings of the radiators, each a brainchild of its inventor – from the tailor-made Serie T radiator designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, to the sculptural Android radiator designed by Daniel Libeskind.

The design of the showroom space included input by students from the nearby design school at ABAV (Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona) as part of a programme to strengthen relationships between design students and local manufacturers.


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