Designer    Showroom 29 Jun 2017

OEO Studio designs dramatic new look for family design business and furniture makers Brdr. Krüger

Situated a short distance from central Copenhagen, in a luscious are of woods and fields, this property marks the first public showroom in Danish Furniture company Brdr. Krüger’s 130 year history. Founded by brothers Theodor and Ferdinand, the business has always stayed true to its core family values and required a welcoming showroom design that reflected this in balance with the company’s new-found international designer profile.


In addition to the showroom itself, visitors will be encouraged to visit the company’s woodturning workshop – OEO Studio’s design carefully intertwines the showroom area with the company’s production facilities – allowing guests to experience the entire creation process, from raw materials to finished product. The ‘raw’ element of the making process is reflected through the surrounding design; with a monochromatic colour palette and minimalistic scheme OEO Studio has made effective use of the building’s authentic late 1960s industrial aesthetic.


Jonas Krüger commented: “When you smell the wood in the workshop, hear the sounds and see the skilled men and women working on each piece, then you get a real sense of what Brdr. Krüger is all about”.


Thomas Lykke, creative director of OEO Studio, said: “Our approach to working with the space and design was to stay true to the architecture and develop the concept within this framework. To dissect the structure, we stripped the building to its core with the aim of enhancing the rustic beauty of the hidden original concrete bearings, high ceilings and raw brick walls. We opened the space up and worked along the line of building-meets-demolition.


“As a result, the showroom is extremely raw, yet very tactile. Out of respect for the industrial framework and the fundamental simplicity of the setting, all materials for the renewal have been chosen based on their unpretentious, inherent qualities and contribute to the honest expression of the space,” Lykee added.


The opening of this prominent showroom reflects the company’s move from traditional wood turning company to an internationally known design brand.


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