Designer    Showroom 14 Sep 2012

Designer Places

Designer PlacesStone specialist Lapicida has opened its new 5,000 sq ft flagship London showroom in Chelsea.

With the space divided up into a series of sets entered through a giant classical column, a sense of theatre is created with spectacular lighting schemes by lighting expert Sally Storey. Nowhere is the effect more dazzling than the ‘Dark Zone’ where elements in glass mosaic and semi-precious stone glow and sparkle with internal and ambient light effects which respond to viewers as they walk through.

By contrast, a quiet sense of history pervades the 1,000 sq ft area of antique floors which features marble, limestone and terracotta pavements reclaimed from ancient buildings. Amongst many examples are Jerusalem Stone (which can be as much as 1,000 years old), historic mosaics, and Yorkstone flags from a Georgian mill house.

Lapicida also demonstrates its high-tech in-house manufacturing capabilities, from 3D objects carved by advanced CNC machines, to vast walls of bookmatched and vein cut marbles. Metals including silver, nickel and brass can also be nano-bonded to textured stone tiles and architectural elements.

The showroom also features dedicated meeting areas and a ‘stone library’ with over 300 physical samples of stone to help specifiers make the right decisions.


533 Kings Road


SW10 0TZ