Utopia    Real Home 24 Apr 2017

Warm, welcoming and elegant is the lasting impression given by this luxurious bespoke bathroom


After moving into this stunning Georgian property, the homeowners planned extensive renovations, to suit their everyday needs and personal style. The master ensuite, in particular, needed a mass makeover. “It needed updating to create a fresher, more elegant look, while remaining neutral in style,” explained the homeowner. Furthermore, living with two children, it was integral that the couple had a space which would act as a sanctuary of peace, sophistication and serenity. To complete this challenging project, the homeowners turned to Susanna Hall at Mark Taylor Design.

“The previous bathroom design felt very dark,” said Susanna. “It failed to optimise the space and the natural light influx, streaming in from the large windows.” Susanna wanted to craft an elegant aesthetic within the bathroom, with a clean, stylish and neutral design. “The windows, with the view
of the river, was the main inspiration for the overall design. By carefully positioning the vanities around the windows, we made them the focal point of
the room; meaning that the homeowner – who
has great love for the water and fishing – can look out every morning,” Susanna continued.

These striking bespoke units were designed and crafted by Mark Taylor Design, to ensure they perfectly assimilated into the scheme. They are crafted from mild steel and specialist pre-stained veneer, with gorgeous inset bronze inlays, finished to match the vanities’ base. The same veneer and finish is also employed on the bath’s exterior, which ensures an overall cohesive aesthetic.

Jarring against the sleek, feminine furniture, the walls are finished in a waterproof Beton Cire decorative plaster, that injected texture and character into the room. This sharp grey hue, which exudes a certain masculine charm, in combination with
the freestanding furniture, promotes the desired contemporary aesthetic. “The wall cladding is a primary focus within the room, and required over two weeks of intensive labour to complete,” said Susanna. “This is a truly unique finish, and its intriguing texture really brings the space to life.” she added.

The final flourish of the Perlado marble worktops and flooring added to the quirky mix of materials; ensuring the bathroom is packed with character despite its restrictive, linear shape. To make the layout of the room feasible, Mark Taylor’s glass experts made beautiful acid etched glass panels to enclose the toilet and shower.
The glass screen discreetly allows privacy away from the open views of the large windows, yet doesn’t negatively affect the spacious layout of the room. “Like many of the rooms in this property, the bathroom is long and narrow, which proved a challenge,” she said. “Therefore, we wanted to ensure that the homeowners would have privacy while using the shower and toilet area, without blocking off areas of the room and consequently making it feel smaller. The glass doors achieve this, by still allowing light to infiltrate them when closed.

After intensive renovations, and a lot of design work, the bathroom presents a truly splendid, sanctuary
of style; perfectly suited to these busy parents.

Mark Taylor Design | marktaylordesign.co.uk
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