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This luxurious yacht underwent a complete customisation themed to suit its watery setting

This luxurious yacht underwent a complete customisation; incorporating smooth stone features and a lavish Art-Deco theme to suit its opulent watery wonderland setting.

Unlike your average kitchen, the Ann G will never have its feet on the ground. The 50 metre-long luxury yacht is comprised of five staterooms, one main saloon, a sky lounge, sundeck, two terraces, a lavish bathroom and a gorgeous, professionally styled kitchen. The captivating vessel was created and fully customised by prestigious Dutch yacht builders, Reymond Langton design studio.

The kitchen is styled in a sleek, professional manner, ripe and ready for Michelin quality cooking, to match its seven star-style setting. The designer’s main aim was for functional and easy maintenance, therefore, they selected a vast range of Miele appliances to fully equip the kitchen, allowing the private chef the latest in terms of innovation and technology. Alongside appliances, artistic inspiration will always be close to hand; the kitchen has a prime location on the main deck and is surrounded by large windows to provide a generous amount of natural light, alongside stunning sea views.

Reymond Langton was also posed the challenge of crafting a petite fitted bathroom with a classy, Art-Deco theme, reminiscent of 1920s Great Gatsby glamour, to complement the decedent façade of its home. By blending stone mosaics with a combination of luxurious materials, including Macassar ebony marbles, backlit white onyx and soft tactile leathers, the designer succeeded in placing a contemporary twist on the client’s Art-Deco adoration. The striking stone wall, a custom design by Raymond Langton, works as the shower backdrop. This creates a focal point for the bathroom, due to the simple transparent glass shower enclosure, allowing the eye-catching design to be always on display. Though the installation was a tricky configuration, due to the irregularity of all the pieces and the intricate design, the difficulties were definitely worth their effect on both aesthetics and functionality. All of the marble used in the bathroom is only 3mm thick and mounted on ultra-light aluminum honeycomb to reduce its impact on the performance of the yacht. To add an extra touch of comfort to the luxurious space, both the mirrors and floor are heated.


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